RESOLUTIVE is a French company located in Vichy, in the center of France.

We develop for over 7 years a real expertise in distribution in France and Europe products related to the well being of the person and home.

Our products are distributed in France to Bio and dietetics shops, pharmacy and others stores ... but also through wholesalers and distributors in Europe

Our catalog represent more than 2500 references.

We are also creating and producing innovative products with our own brands:

- RESO - SILICIUM : Silicium oral according to the EFSA standard available in Vitality, Magnesium and Joints,

- RESOLUTIVE : certified organic liquid draining,

- TRACENET : natural solution against odor and urine marking animals (cats)

- TRACENET PRO : spray sanitizer against odor of organic residues of human origin (urine, vomit), very useful in cars, boats, elderly people centers.

- FLEXINET : Silicium oral joint for animals, dogs, cats and horses.

- XYLIPLUS : 100% Xylitol extracted from birch bark,

We also produce and distribute OPENVAP : a range of high quality e- liquids for electronic cigarettes ( ), already sold in various countries.

We are looking for distributors worldwide.

We also make available our sales and logistics organization to foreign companies wishing to sale their products in France.

Our staff speak English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Tel: 00 33 4 70 31 42 35

Fax: 00 33 4 70 31 42 28